Making ADU Permits Easy: Your Friendly Guide

Mar 15, 2022

Hey There, Future ADU Owners!

Dreaming of adding a cool little apartment to your California property? Well, you're in luck! The rules for getting a permit for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have gotten a whole lot friendlier. Whether it's a cozy spot for Grandma or a chic rental, we're here to break down the ADU basics, from Regular to Junior ADUs, without all the legal mumbo jumbo.

Regular ADU vs. Junior ADU: What's the Difference?

  • Regular ADU: Think of this as a mini-house in your backyard, up to 1200 sq. ft. Perfect for renters or your returning college kid.

  • Junior ADU: Attached to your main house and no bigger than 500 sq. ft., this one's like a sweet little annex with its own entrance.

Speedy Permit Time? Yes, Please!

Gone are the days of waiting forever for a permit. Now, California cities have just 60 days to say ‘yes’ to your ADU plan. If they don't, congrats, it’s automatically a go!

Save Money on Smaller ADUs

Building an ADU under 750 sq. ft.? Wave goodbye to those pesky impact fees. For the bigger ADUs, the fees are there but won't break the bank.

Other Cool Things You Should Know About California ADUs

  • Live Where You Like: You don’t have to live in the ADU or even in the main house.

  • Size and Space Rules: Cities can’t say no to your 800 sq.ft. ADU if it’s got the right setbacks and height.

  • Easy-Peasy Utilities: No need for separate water and sewer lines – just connect to your main home.

  • Parking Hassles Be Gone: If you’re near public transit, forget about adding extra parking spots.

ADUs for Everyone!

  • On Single-Family Lots: You can have both a junior ADU and a detached one. Double the fun!

  • Multi-Family Land: Go ahead, add up to two detached ADUs. More living space, more joy!

Wrapping It Up:

So, there you have it! Adding an ADU in California is now simpler and way more doable. Whether you're eyeing some extra cash from rent or just need more room, these new rules are here to help. Dive into the ADU adventure – it's a great time to expand your home sweet home!